Whooo! Beyonce can move!

Despite the media and a few Republican politicians who are upset with the Carters for visiting Cuba in celebration of their fifth wedding anniversary, nobody can kill their vibe.  

Beyonce and Jay-Z have been in the cultural country for the past few days, and from the looks of this video, they’re enjoying themselves to the tenth power. 

Dressed in a caliente red dress, Beyonce and an older Cuban woman salsa together as a crowd forms around them. Being the humble queen that she is, Beyonce soon salsas her way off the floor and cheers on her new dancing amiga. 

As soon as her Cuban vacation ends, Beyonce will be gearing up to hit the road on her Mrs. Carter Show World tour, which kicks off in Serbia on April 15. 

Beyonce is currently working on her forthcoming album, which is due out later on this year. 

Watch Beyonce salsa in the video up top!


And, in case you’ve been living under a rock: Bey & Jay are getting a lot of backlash for their trip to Cuba but Reuters has just reported that their visit was actually licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department for cultural purposes.

All is well in the world of The Carters.